MeDIA eYe AMA with CryptoFury Recap

4 months ago
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Date: 26th September, 2021
Time: 7:00 UTC

MeDIA eYe NFT was represented by @VICTORYTHREEFOLD, who shared detailed knowledge with CryptoFury and information about the MeDIA eYe NFT Portal.

Part 1: Questions for Project overview

Victor Yampolsky: Yes, of course.

MeDIA eYe focuses on supporting and driving adoption of NFTs, making it easy and intuitive for anyone to participate in the NFT market. Also, MeDIA eYe focuses on expanding utility of NFTs across a broad range of digital content segments on multiple blockchains, helps create new experiences and encourages new use cases for NFTs providing the required platform and functionality to support growth and innovation for the NFT sector on multiple blockchains.

My name is Victor and I am co-founder of MeDIA eYe, I have been involved from the inception of the project with our team of highly skilled developers, designers, managers and influencers involved in the creation and promotion of MeDIA eYe NFT platform.

I have been working in crypto and blockchain tech for close to two years. Helping protocols such as ASKO, Mogul and others to design, develop and bring to market their innovative platforms, leveraging my extensive project management experience in tech and industrial development.

Our team is international and has diverse range of experience; our developers have done extensive work previously in DeFi, gaming and NFT sectors, very strong in smart contract architectures/solidity, security and full stack. We also have experienced UI/UX design team which is building front end and developing platform designs for MeDIA eYe. Our marketing team incorporates leading influencers, creative director and social media marketing team.

Our Vision is drive the integration of the real world with the virtual on the blockchain and create a platform where people can earn, entertain and create.

That is why we chose the name MeDIA eYe because we are always looking to the future of digital media on the blockchain and helping to create it.

2/ Is MeDIA eYe a safe and reliable platform for investors? What value does MeDIA eYe bring to investors and the blockchain community?

Victor Yampolsky: MeDIA eYe is very safe, we make sure that security is a top priority for us, we do rigorous testing and review of all code and smart contracts that we develop. All development is done in house and ensure the blockchain security is paramount in our development.

We also will moderate content on our platform to ensure a safe and healthy experience for all of our users.

MeDIA eYe brings a lot of value to investors… in many ways, we have developed extensive functionality and the platform is non-custodial that means users capital is always managed by smart contract, not by people.

3/ Who are MeDIA eYe strategic investors? And what is MeDIA eYe roadmap to 2022? What is your ultimate goal for this year?

Victor Yampolsky: MeDIA eYe has several strategic investors, which are private individuals and QUAI DAO DeFi Accelerator that has developed the platform from inception to design and development of all architecture. We have several strategic partnerships, which we are establishing with groups on BSC, Cardano and Solana, this we will announce in the near future.

We are also planning to introduce in Q4 a new partnership for an NFT wallet that is very unique and will be available for App store and Google Play..

Current we are finalizing partnership with Tier 1 Launchpad for our IDO planned for October

There are a lot of exciting things happening.. including us launching Charity segment on our platform with our public launch and the Million Pixels project a unique NFT Canvas where 1000’s can participate.

This is the latest article published about the Million Pixel project and we have some well known figures that are joining us, 15% of the proceeds will go to Charity.

All this and more will be announced next few weeks. So a lot is happening!

Part 2: Pre-selected questions from our community

1/ What are the competitive advantages of your project? What advantages do you have that other competitors dont have? What would be your project secure most similar contender in the market today in terms of scalability, security, features & adaptability?

Victor Yampolsky: MeDIA eYe is a fully decentralized and non custodial NFT platform, it is build to be multi-chain highly user friendly and provide services which can help artists, communities, advertisers, projects and business develop. We have developed the only cross chain NFT launcher for example that can airdrop NFTs on multiple chains, we provide our users ability to register on the platform using their Google or Facebook account, we have on-chain artist royalties and much more.

So our project is highly adaptable to all Ethereum compatible blockchains, we are able to scale quickly on multiple blockchains, since the technology was developed by us one hundred percent.

Currently we are launching on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, starting with the two biggest NFT markets.

2/ NFT is a popular topic right now, do you have plan to have new development regarding NFT? What is your opinion regarding NFT nowaday?

Victor Yampolsky: NFTs are rapidly evolving and we believe that NFT makes a great tool for such massive segments is digital content advertising and promotion, in addition to supporting gaming, sports and entertainment. Of course Art and Collectibles are the main use case today, but that is rapidly evolving and NFTs also make great instrument as a derivative to transfer value of the real world to the blockchain, this is already happening and we are standing at the forefront of these movements in NFTs. Our platform allow advertisers for example to reach mass audiences with their digital content quickly and cost efficiently, by using NFTs to do it.

Our opinion is that NFT use cases are just really getting started and we are working on introducing and supporting the use cases I mentioned and more.

3/ What is the token’s role in the ecosystem? Where can people buy right now? what will it do? Is your platform suitable for Crypto beginners? Or is it limited to professional users only?

Victor Yampolsky: The token both drives the platform services, rewards, and ability for our user to consistently earn and generate yield, while enjoying the best that NFTs have to offer.

✅ eYe Token Burn 
✅ eYe Token Buyback 
✅ eYe Token Reward
✅ NFT Airdrops 
✅ 2% Tax Rate on #BSC and #ETH

The total Fixe Supply of the token is divided evenly 500million eYe tokens on BSC and 500million eYe tokens on Ethereum.. each is an independent market but both of these markets can taken advantage of from our platform using eYe token to unlock service, earn and get rewards. We have automated rewards pulls for users that transact the most on each market on our platform which are distributed every 60 days automatically, via smart contract.

The eYe token is Fixed Supply.

4/ Almost 80% investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

Victor Yampolsky: Holding eYe token long term will help to take advantage of the value we are creating, our platform is designed for both the inexperienced and experienced users. It is really built to drive adoption and attract more and more people to the non-custodial and multi chain ecosystem that we are creating with NFTs. We are also creating and integrating a Charity segment on our platform that will also be fully automated by smart contracts, so helping people in many ways while driving adoption of NFTs is important for us!

5/ Users often care less about technology, but rather the value of the token. How do you manage to strike a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of the token?

Victor Yampolsky: We we ensure first and foremost that token circulating supply develops organically that the eYe token multi chain ecosystems are self regenerative/self sustaining through organic growth and demand that is drive by real user adoption. Yes, token metrics and token design is important but also important is to drive the organic growth of the token ecosystem/markets to ensure long term sustainability. And like i said we have strategic partners that think the same as we do, soon we will announce our strategic partnerships and it will be evident that we are focused on growing sustainable long term value!

Question for Part 3: Guests will choose 2 best live questions from members and answer directly in CryptoFury Community

Question 1: MeDIA eYe is designed to bring the power of markets to individuals and communities. What strategy did MeDIA eYe use to increase the Marketplace?

Victor Yampolsky: Our strategy has multiple facets, first make the platform easy to use ‘frictionless”, make it easily scalable on Ethereum compatible blockchains, provide cross chain services, cross chain NFT transfer, makes sure that a large percentage of the fees generated on the platform is going to the community and that our protocol is community centric. Make it easy to on board for people that don’t have experience and don’t even know what DeFi wallet is, we set it all up for them on our platform and give them easy to follow instructions. Further partner with platforms that think alike and make sure that the environment and ecosystems we create are safe, secure, fun and profitable for everyone. Ensure that people can use our platform to help others as well, and further drive adoption within a diverse range of market segments.

Question 2: Which technology makes you Unique than other?Is MeDIA eYe is more advanced & useful platform than any other platforms?

Victor Yampolsky: Well this is a good question, we stay true to the principle that what is built on the blockchain should be decentralized and non-custodial, governed by a global and decentralized community. Also, we try to find solutions that are on-chain and not centralized, because on-chain solutions offer more transparency and the information/data is stored immutably and easy to audit, making sure that community and new users alike know and see the complete record how the platform operates and that distribution of capital — rewards, earnings, yields and other is fair and transparent. We believe that staying true to decentralization makes us unique, as many other platforms have cut corners and shortened their development time by using centralized solutions, while calling themselves decentralized.

Our on chain artist royalties are just one example of this, our first cross chain subscription model is another example and we have many more examples of how we stay true to blockchain technology and full transparency, using the blockchain to secure the future of our users and create a unique environment that we believe will flourish and grow rapidly.

Thank you so much everyone for joining us for today session with MeDIA eYe and special thanks to Victor Yampolsky for such an informative session.

All details about MeDIA eYe could be found below:

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