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5 months ago
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MeDIA eYe is a cross-chain non-custodial NFT platform for brands, artists, gamers, entertainers, social media, crypto protocols, collectors, and others. It is pioneering a subscription-based services model, which unlocks for users the ability to create and deploy NFT campaigns across multiple blockchains in minutes.

Benefits of MeDIA eYe

  • Frictionless user interface and low fees
  • eYe token holder discounts
  • eYe token burn
  • eYe token buy back
  • eYe token staking
  • eYe token allocations for creative partners
  • eYe token automated rewards pools for frequent users

The eYe Token

The eYe token is designed as a cross-chain cryptographic unit compatible with Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum blockchain networks that powers the MeDIA eYe platform. This token serves as the utility vehicle on MeDIA eYe platform, powering the marketplace, campaign launcher, subscription fees, staking, and rewards.

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