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Public Presale Round

Great News!

The Public Presale Round is opened for the MeDIA eYe token.

Vesting schedule for all buyers will be 6 months linear from IDO.

  • 60% locked liquidity at IDO.
  • No whaling
  • IDO in November

eYe Token Burn (yes)
eYe Token Buyback (yes)
eYe Token Rewards (yes)
NFT Airdrops (yes)

Thanks for Joining Us!

Please read the terms and conditions carefully on the Whitelist form prior to submitting, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail for your records. You may also book an appointment for discussion with our co-founders or send your inquiry to our e-mail: [email protected]

Please whitelist to be eligible for the Public Presale Round fundraising and provide the required information. Minimum and maximum amounts per investor are $1,000 min and $30,000 max, respectively. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the offering in the form. Thank you for joining us; we are just getting started!

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About us

MeDIA eYe NFT Portal is a non-custodial platform developed by technology enthusiasts that will revolutionize the NFT sector, where everyone is able to mint, sell, trade, collect and distribute NFTs within minutes across multiple blockchains. It is a user-friendly platform designed for businesses, entrepreneurs, creators and collectors alike .

Users will be able to create custom NFTs within a few simple steps and benefit from an unprecedented functionality offered for both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain markets.

MeDIA eYe platform is developed as a multi-chain protocol with a public launch planned on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. By combining the two biggest markets for NFTs all on one platform, MeDIA eYe ensures its investors the excellent potential for substantial returns on investment.


Benefits of MeDIA eYe


  • Ticker: eYe
  • Token supply: 1 Billion (FIXED)
  • Team: 230M eYe (vesting over 24 to 36 months)
  • Presale Round Public: 50M eYe tokens ($0.01 per eYe)
  • IDO: 20M eYe ($0.015 per eYe)
  • Marketing & Rewards: 250M eYe
  • Development & Investments: 250M eYe
  • QUAI DAO Treasury: 200m eYe

Fundraising Details

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Token Metrics

  • Transaction Tax Rate: A tax rate of 2% will apply to all liquidity pool transactions on Ethereum Mainnet and Binance Smart Chain.
  • 50% of all fees are distributed to stakers and rewards fees from the NFT platform.
  • 25% of all platform fees will be use to cover operating expenses and buyback of eYe tokens
  • 25% of all fees generated by the MeDIA eYe NFT platform are to be paid to QUAI DAO, which will cause an equivalent amount of eYe tokens to be burnt.
  • Rewards: every 30 to 60 days a portion of transaction fees collected on the MeDIA eYe platform, will be distributed to the top 10 users from our rewards pools on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, with the highest number of transactions for the related period.
The MeDIA eYe NFT Portal concept is developed January 1, 2021 → March 31, 2021
Development of MeDIA eYe NFT platform March 31, 2021 → October 31, 2021
Public Presale and Private Investment Round September 20, 2021 → October 31, 2021
MeDIA eYe cohort farm and rewards pools launch and platform goes into full operation October 31, 2021 → November 16, 2021
new roadmap

Additional information

  • Detailed information about tokenomics is provided in the Litepaper.
  • Seed Hard Cap is $500,000.
  • Participants will receive 50% of tokens in eYe ERC20 and 50% in eYe BEP20.

Whitelist today! More details at:


Seed Round in September,
Coming Soon!